Ionenet Net - Who are We

Our company works fully on web development, translation, SEO marketing, web consulting and e-commerce. We work on all kind of websites especially on tourism, sports, business, sexuality, dating and so on.

Ionenet SA

Ionenet was founded in 2001 by Alphonse Langueduc and Andrea Deangelis, initially under the Ionenet S.E.N.C. trademark. Danilo Renzi joined them in 2003 as a freelance partner. On March 23, 2006, Ionenet was registered in Panama as a company per shares, under the Ionenet S.A. trademark, with a social capital of 10,000.00 USD, file number 520531, and document no. 926278 of the Panama Public Registry. The aim of this was a project to divide share that eventually never took place. Ionenet continue to have its domicile in Canada, as a joint share.

Our Staff

Ionenet S.A. has a few official partners and several external colleborators. Here, we will only name the main associates.

Alphonse Langueduc
Alphonse Langueduc
Alphonse Langueduc is one of the starting founders of the company, which was initially a project to sell holistic sexuality programs online. But, starting from the year 2005, the conducted the initiative to enlarge the Ionenet purposes, up to become a general company about web consulting and e-commerce.

Thanks to the Luangueduc's participation, Ionenet make today customized websites, among several works on technical writing and translation; Ionenet also implemented an "all ready to go" e-commerce solution for several commerces and websites.

Andrea Deangelis
Andrea Deangelis
Andrea Deangelis is the second founder of Ionenet and, if Langueduc was the mind, Deangelis was the arm. First, we have to specify that Andrea is not a woman, he's Italian and in Italy, Andrea is mostly a masculine name. Andrea is mainly a webmaster, he has worked in the technical side of the company since the beginning, putting in practice all Alphonse's ideas. Since Ionenet has gained several outside collaborators over the years, Andrea no longer do all the job alone, still he remains a key figure in the company. Finally Andrea manage the customer care of several websites.

Danilo Renzi.
Danilo Renzi
Webmaster, programmer and web engineer, technical and general writer, translator and SEO worker. He also worked in the tourism during several years. After his studies in computer science and a short career in the journalism, he gained some SEO experience working in Les Divertissement Cyber 2000 Canadian company. In 2003, he joined Ionenet as a freelancer partner, taking part in a number of projects and making the SEO of several websites. He also worked on the tourism niche in Cuba since 2003 and, after the Panama project in 2006, he's one of the company owners.

Our Mission

Our main mission is now the general production of web sites, in order to gain a place of importance in the e-commerce, especially on the side of online monetization for small commerces.

We always want to offer the best quality, adding constant improvements, based on the market tendencies in a web that continuously evolves.

Where We Are

Our official headquarter is still in Canada at the address given below. We have collaborators all along the world, who are working as a freelancers.


We work with the top quality standards in technology, our staff have the most updated working tools. We have replaced the old fax & phone system and we work exclusively with the new mix of chat and email. All our documentation - except the official and the third party one - is electronic.

Our final aim is to always provide the best service to our customers, by elaborating the new working concept of the company which is creativity/technology/innovation and by providing new business opportunities. Each day we work harder to meet this goal.

A special thanks to all our customers for trusting us. For any queries regarding our company, our services or anything else, please do write to us.